A fabulous tote style bag made of a gorgeous flat weave Navajo…

Elegant muted colors with cross pattern front and back.

Embellished with sterling, bone, hand cut fringe, double horse rein straps and leather bottom.

Hand braided deerskin with a celluloid horse tack piece for closure.

Attention to detail here inside and out…European natural linen for the interior along with

double pockets and double snap closures.

This one is for a lifetime….for the Cowgirl in You.

Measures 16 ” across the bottom tapering to 13 1/2 ” at the top.

14″ high


Ok I admit..this one is my favorite! and possibly the sexiest Scout bag to date.

An incredible Clutch to tuck under your arm and Go.

Bold patterning on this Crimson and Grey Navajo with unstructured leather on the bottom and an
awesome Buffalo leather flap embellished with a strand of an old sterling Concho found in Amarillo.

Contrasting red sinew stitch for accent and a sweet sterling butterfly on the back.

Lined with natural linen from Mali, interior pocket and magnetic snap.

This one is ready to ride!

Measures 9″ x 17″


This Navajo celebrates the Four Star Cross…front and back…leading to four directions.

Elegant color scheme in taupe, brown and red..Embellished simply with sterling and turquoise…

Gorgeous MONDO long and hand cut fringe along with a strand of coral, silver and horn beadwork.

An ammo belt for shoulder strap finished off with handbraided leather and elk tip..

Sort of like Pocahontas meets Picasso.

Lined with vintage Indigo from Mali and 2 pockets..

Measures 12″ x 19″ with a 2″ wide strap hanging 15″ from shoulder

Esperanza Clutch

Over the top, for certain, one of kind.

Simple, elegant and stunning and the same time..

Sterling cross (my last one) in muting colors on front and dramatic color and pattern on back.

1930’s oiled latigo ammo belt for handle or decoration (never saw one this teeny before)

Measuring 15″ x 10″ and if you choose to loop over shoulder ,it hangs 4 inches but I would just tuck it under arm and go